Upgrading to Yosemite ?

OSX 10.10 Yosemite – Take Control

Typically when operating system software upgrades are made public, the case of incompatibility with your current applications invariably presents the question; Should you upgrade now, or wait ?


OS X Yosemite promises a number of new and improved features including seamless interaction with iCloud and its new component iCloud Drive, plus other Mac software and services. In fact, Yosamite looks like taking the Mac OS X to a totally new level.

iCloud, or more specifically “iCloud Drive” now works like any other folder on your desktop and falls in line with the common perceptions of cloud storage.

At the time of writing, OS X Yosemite is available to users of the the Beta Program, where you are invited to help shape the development of future upgrades by installing the latest pre-release software, and submitting your feedback.

You will need to have OS X Mavericks already running on your Mac, so it may be a good idea to create a separate partition for trying out OS X Yosemite and keeping your current OS X Mavericks setup free of bugs. For this you will need up to 20GB of hard disk space.

Take Control of Upgrading to Yosemite – The eBook

To help you prepare with confidence Joe Kissell takes you through the preparing of both your hardware and software for Yosmaite . whether you are upgrading from 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, and even 10.4 Tiger. Download  Take Control of Upgrading to Yosemite and prepare yourself for the Upgrade.


Freeway Pro 6, Express and Exhibio

website design like you want – by SoftPress.

Having used Freeway for web design over a number of years, I can say without a doubt my experience has been both pleasurable and enlightening. With no real programming skills, I have been able to create web designs that I thought would be beyond my independent capability.


Admittedly there has sometimes been annoying glitches but nothing which would not be expected from any other software. Here, I invite you to take a look for yourself, especially if creating your own website is something you are considering.


sf-freeway image

FreewayPro 5.5
Whether you’re new or experienced in web design, using FreewayPro to design professional websites, all without having to know any code is within your reach.

With a “What You See Is What You Get” Interface, FreewayPro has that typical intuitive, ease-of-use mac feel. Oh, did I mention ? FreewayPro is currently only available for the Apple Mac (OSX) operating system.

SoftwareFolder -Freeway Screen Shot

If you are use to using graphic design software such as Adobe Indesign® or Adobe Illustrator®, the chances are you will immediately feel comfortable using FreewayPro, of course like with anything new, it will take a little while to truly unleash the power of FreewayPro, nonetheless, you can start designing straight after launching for the first time, its that easy.

Another thing about FreewayPro are its plugins, or Actions as they are called. These Actions allow for adding additional functionality or enhancing basic features. With Freeway Pro, you can:

– precision position of items
– create web forms
– create css menus
– add social media buttons
– create animated galleries to showcase images of your products or work
– upload using FTP or securely using FTPS/SFTP straight from the application

Freeway Pro 5.5+ | $299 Buy Freeway 5.5 Pro


[cbpress product=”11560″] [cbpress product=”11561″] [cbpress product=”11562″] [cbpress product=”11563″]


exhibio icon

Besides using the basic features found within Freeway Pro and the ‘Target Show / Hide Layer’ Action for creating slideshows you can also use Showcase or Exhibio.

Exhibio is a relatively new cousin to the Freeway Pro family, and like Showacase, it comes as a standalone application.  In brief, Exhibio is an additional standalone piece of software for creating slideshows from an option of different formats. With Exhibio it is a simple matter of organising your images similarly to, or as you would in say iPhoto, or any other image productivity tool, and adding the necessary details to your Freeway Pro document.

exhibio + add button

The first step after launching the application is to click the add button  (+)  located at the bottom left of the dashboard. This will open a window from which you may select the images you wish to import.

Once this is done, simply select export and choose one of the following options:

a) Export to HTML (5)

b) Export to Freeway

Exhibio   | $19 Buy Exhibeo





Mountain Lion – Time to upgrade ?

(softwarefolder staff: draft subject to updates)

Mountain Lion is here, should you run – go get a copy. Or sit back and wait 20 days or so before the first repair patches arrive. My biggest problem with Mountain Lion is that my Power Mac G5 will NOT run the operating system, It doesn’t have the Intel thingy-muh-jig!

This always happens, time-after-time-after-time again. Software companies, including Apple, convince you of a technology; a piece of hardware or software, then after you have fully bought into it – the rug is pulled from under your feet leaving you flat on the ground. A ruthless strategy or just the natural flow of progression, either way it can be both expensive and frustrating.

So, should you upgrade to Mountain Lion right away ?

It depends, bet you were hoping for a simple yes or no answer ? Well this one, as always cannot be answered in a ‘one cap fits all’ sort of way. You see it all depends on factors such as:

– What model Mac you own.
The first generation of Power Mac G5s and earlier mac models for example, will not work with Mountain Lion. However if you were fortunate to have been a little late off the starting line you probably purchases an Intel based G5, in which case you are in the clear.

– What software do you mostly use.
Another thing to watch out for is software incompatibilities. Many old school artist, I am sure, continue to use old versions of Illustrator and Photoshop for example. Will these still work ?
Apparently up to versions xxx are fine with Mountain Lion. Checking  which application work after an upgrade can be quite time consuming and often even after a thorough check you may still later find yourself having problems with an app you have overlooked. Anyway what I am building up to is that there are sites where you can quickly check – one such site is Roaring Apps

– Everything is up-to-date, now what
One of the primary reasons for updating to mountain Lion is if you use iCloud, this is imperative. In order for iCloud to work you need to be running Mountain Lion or at least the latest iOS. You should be fine . If however you still feel a little unsure, perhaps wait 20 days or so for the first round of repair patches to emerge.

tip: Adobes Creative Cloud Related.
Run Windows on Mac OS X without rebooting!


Using-MtnLion-cover_ 160x136

Learn  more about Mountain Lion with Mac expert Matt Neuburg
As you make the most of Mountain Lion’s major new features, including Notifications, Documents in the Cloud, and improved Auto Save/Versions. Plus, you’ll learn to customize Mountain Lion and get help with finding files, launching apps, managing windows, handling user accounts, and much more. 204 pages. Version 1.1. [LEARN MORE]

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*FREE UPGRADE: Did you buy your Mac on or after 11 June 2012 ?
OS X Mountain Lion upgrade is available at no additional charge from the Mac App Store. If you purchased a Mac from Apple or an Apple Authorised Reseller on or after 11 June 2012.
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Firefox for PowerMac
TenFourFox is not exactly a FireFox upgrade, however it was created from the Firefox code.Using code tuned for 10.4 (and compatible with 10.5), this  Firefox advanced featured equivelant  works on older computers including: G3, G4/7400, G4/7450 and G5 . LEARN MORE

Run Windows on Mac OS X without rebooting!