What Are Snippets – And What’s TextExpander?

TextExpander A Short-Cut to All Customising Your Communication, Tasks, and Automation.

Text Expander allows you to save time and be more productive by providing a simple way of using simple abbreviations assigned to specific ‘auto-insert’ actions.

Let’s say for example you frequently use a specific telephone number or a text description of your product or service within the text of your letters, quotes, emails or other documents. By simply assigning an abbreviation snippet and keying it in, will auto insert the related text or telephone number wherever you decide to place it!

If you’re Gonna Type It More Than a Few Times…

Text Expander will even suggest a snippet if it notices that you repeatedly use certain words, sentences, dates, telephone numbers, URLs – you name it!

Use Text Expander for consistency in; dissertations, contracts, quotes, proposals, programming… You can confidently apply your snippets without having to cross-reference or type in from scratch.



TextExpander for Mac  | TextExpander for Windows






Mac Software Faves

Favourite Mac Software Essentials for Getting Things Done…



If you are a new owner of a Apple Mac computer, your portable or desktop computer probably came bundled with essential Apple software. Applications which constitute the basic tools you will need to get most things done. From making crisp quality videos and music, to impressive graphics and publishing.
So, what are the tools you should be looking out for ?
Although there are third-party alternatives to the software that came with the purchase of your Mac computer. The following is an overview of the 5 essential tools for getting mostly anything you want done on a mac.
The list is divided into two sections and includes both software that usually comes with your mac plus other dedicated third-party  software.



create your product with these:


Pages is the Word equivalent for Mac. Create professional text based documents and publication with ease and the convenience of integrating with other mac software.

eBOOK: Buy Take Control of Pages


Keynote is the PowerPoint equivalent for Mac. Create professional slideshows and presentations with ease and the convenience of integrating with other mac software.

Although the serious musician may find Garageband a little gimmicky, there is no doubt however that besides it fun and ease of use, you can crank  quite a few slamming tunes out of GarageBand – And why not add a midi guitar whilst you’re at it.


With Apples basic video software iMovie, you will need very little experience where it comes to editing video and producing professional looking movies. Plus of course the convenience of integration with other Mac software. Want to step up the pace and produce video like you see on TV then definitely go pro with FINAL CUT PRO.


access images, audio and video with these:

If used appropriately and alongside the likes of Pages and Keynote, the previously mentioned software, you can truly experience the convenience of having access to your orderly arranged images using iPhoto as a utility software. Similarly, working with audio or video, you can use iTunes to access video clips and audio files.

iTunes is the Apple answer to managing all your digital entertainment. From your music downloads, videos and audiobooks, podcasts, iTunes U and more…

 Third Party


Although Apple provides a relatively decent suit of software that will allow you to get most things done. Making crisp videos, music, basic graphics and publishing on a Mac can be further enhanced with third-party software.


Kindle Publishing Pro
Now, whilst Apple does have its own book publishing software, namely iBook, a great number of individuals actually find the wider Amazon Kindle market more appealing in terms of generating income. This is where KD Publishing Pro comes into play with its ease of use and integration with your Amazon Kindle account.

If you like the idea of designing websites, but without the need for programming skills, then Freeway Pro is a must. If you are familiar with using graphic design software you will certainly feel at home using Freeway Pro.

#. WordPress with BitNami for WordPress

BitNami Stack for WordPress is an excellent solution for developing WordPress sites locally. See Getting Started Basic Usage.

Learn something new

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Photoshop Masterclass

Product Review

One of the biggest boosts in sales for me personally came after I started managing my own graphics in house. This was only possible with fast class lessons from my graphics expert who taught me the essentials & a few useful tricks. While I still send bulk jobs to outsourcers, nowadays I do many graphics jobs myself as it’s quicker for me to make a graphic than to email an outsourcer – Matt Garrett

Check out Photoshop Masterclass


Alfred and Quicksilver – File Navigation

hatSay hello to Alfred…

Users of Quicksilver probably have an idea of what I mean when I say – … Mac OSX at your fingertips ! …  What, no…?


OK l, lets start from the beginning but first let me introduce you to Alfred, your Quicksilver alternative for speedy navigation.



Huh, I’m still lost ! Speedy navigation, don’t I need a faster processor ?

Navigating through your Mac need not be a case of opening and closing folder after folder. Try using Quicksilver, a popular app and file launcher, which supports Mac OSX (10.3 upwards). It works by laying ready in the background for your command. To activate it, normally using the default command of [APPLE COMMAND + SPACE BAR] calls up a search box from where you can quickly access any file, app, web page, or files according to whatever your preferences setup is. Quicksilver soon learns your habits and work together with you as it speeds up your navigation and increases your efficiency.

Until now, I have not come across anything that works as eloquently as Quicksilver, at least, not until I was introduced to Alfred. As a productivity application Alfred ranks high, it works just like Quicksilver, providing quick access to all your data; apps, web searches, iTunes, bookmarks, the ability to move and email files and folders…etc. Basically you can browse your entire Mac without hardly touching the keyboard, and with the added option of boosting your capabilities even further by purchasing the Alfred Powerpack at £15.

Once installed, Alfred’s bowler hat apperas in your main menu bar, from where you have access to : Toggle Alfred, and Preferences…

Toggle Alfred

The first thing to do is set the Alfred hotkey from the Preferences, you can choose from any of the options shown in the image below. In this case, the chosen hotkey is [ALT+SPACE BAR]

alt spacebar pref

If your eyes sight isn’t to great Alfred displays in big easy to see text and may help save you form Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).



Minimum Requirements


• OSX10.3 (Panther), OSX 10.5, OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion) Intel Macs…

alfred images 11


• OS X 10.5 Leopard – Intel and PPC versions, OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion) Intel Macs (recommended )

download Alfred

==> http://media.alfredapp.com/alfred_0.9_final_126.dmg

==> http://media.alfredapp.com/alfred_0.9_final_126_PPC.zip

tips and Support: Alfred works best with Spotlight indexing, turned on. Disable auto update for PPC versions as this only checks for the Intel version.