What Are Snippets – And What’s TextExpander?

TextExpander A Short-Cut to All Customising Your Communication, Tasks, and Automation.

Text Expander allows you to save time and be more productive by providing a simple way of using simple abbreviations assigned to specific ‘auto-insert’ actions.

Let’s say for example you frequently use a specific telephone number or a text description of your product or service within the text of your letters, quotes, emails or other documents. By simply assigning an abbreviation snippet and keying it in, will auto insert the related text or telephone number wherever you decide to place it!

If you’re Gonna Type It More Than a Few Times…

Text Expander will even suggest a snippet if it notices that you repeatedly use certain words, sentences, dates, telephone numbers, URLs – you name it!

Use Text Expander for consistency in; dissertations, contracts, quotes, proposals, programming… You can confidently apply your snippets without having to cross-reference or type in from scratch.



TextExpander for Mac  | TextExpander for Windows






luminar neptune 2

The Accent AI Filter – Photo editing powered by artificial intelligence technology


Developed in-house by Macphun’s Research and Development Lab. With a simple flick of the wrist, the new Accent AI Filter allows anyone to create stunning images with a single slider instead of using dozens of adjustments and controls…

neptune before and after gallery

Luminar is primarily available for Mac. However, by the time you’ve read this the new “public beta” for Windows users should be ready for you to encounter the Luminar Neptune experience too.



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JPEG Image Animator Brings Your Photos To Life

Animate JPG photos using Plotagraph Pro and Aurora HDR.

From a Single JPEG, create impressive animated images.

Platograph is a web based sofware that allows you to easily create amazing images with animated parts.

Yep, you can now turn your beautiful images edited using Aurora HDR, into animated images using the amazing Plotagraph – all from a single JPEG.

Plotagraph typically cost around $30 USD per month for membership. There are no minimum contracts and you can cancel at any time.

If you hurry now, you may still be in time to get a special Aurora and Plotagraph bundle deal.


Your Shortcut to Prime Apps for Mac.


Luminar Photo Editing In Two Words Simplicity & Creativity

UPDATE: READ ABOUT LUMINAR & KELBYONE C COURSE CREATIVE COURSES & BONUS EDITING PRESET BUNDLE – Fuel Your Creativity With a Little Education, Plus 2 Super Useful Creative Resource

What is Luminar and How it Will Enhance Your Photo Editing?


Luminar is a universal, easy to use, all-in-one photo editing app, designed to meet your every need as a photographer and photo-image editor.

Unlike most other photo editing software, Luminar’s genuine ease-of-use makes it look bound for becoming  the number one image editor software, applicable to almost anyone with the desire of creating beautiful imagery. There is no  need for any special training in order for users to achieve great looking results. So imagine what you can do with just some basic tips and insights.



Enhance and change the appearance of your photos using custom filters with precise and easy to use controls, from classic Tone and Exposure, to Bi-Color, Photo Filter Emulation, Cross-Processing and more. In fact, Luminar will allow you to achieve some of the more complex photo editing tasks only adequately possible in the likes of… yes you said it – Adobe Photoshop.

You Will Like The Idea of Personalised Darkroom Workspaces

Amongst the many features you’ll find, Workspaces provide a near to perfect environment of logically grouped tool ‘sets’ suitable for your specific type of project. You can even share and import Workspaces by other photographers.

Now, whilst the default Workspaces include; Portrait, Black & White, Landscape and Street, you always have the capability of adding different filters or creating new ones. This will allow you to customise Workspaces to fit exactly what you need for each different project.

Not Just RAW Support!

Finally, but not the last, besides the support of RAW file formats, Luminar also provides:

– Layers and Custom Textures
– Gradient and Radial Masks 
– Pixel-perfect Noise Reduction 
– A Healing tool
– Crop & Transform
– History Panel
– Brushes and Masking 
– Automatic Luminosity
– Selective Top & Bottom adjustments
– Plug-in support and so much more….

The Super Good News…

By the time you have read this post, Luminar will be either fully-available or, if you are lucky, still be in pre-launch phase. In which case, if you already  own a Macphun app for Mac, you’ll  only pay $49 (+ receive exclusive bonuses). New users (i.e those that do not own a Macphun product) the price is an incredibly compelling…only $59.


The Facebook Shop App

How To Add Your Shop To Your Facebook Page And More…

by Maverick Mav


After recently stumbling on a very interesting Application that allows you to synchronise your WooCommerce store displaying all your products right there…yes, right there on your Facebook page. Thought, this would be a definite for the Software Folder.  And so here we are – but don’t be put-off by the name.

Display WooCommerce Shop on your Facebook Page

What do you mean?  That was the name, and it does exactly what it says quite nicely too.

Are You Ready for This Amazing New Photo Editing Software?



LUMINAR by macphun

Aurora HDR 1.2.2

What is Aurora HDR?

Aurora HDR is a joint project by Macphun and Trey Ratcliff,

The latest release of Aurora HDR, now comes with added RAW file support for updated and newer cameras, plus a few other welcoming tweaks and additions. You can learn more about the new release here.

For those of you that may be curious as to what exactly is Aurora HDR? Well, the clue is in the HDR, High Dynamic Range imaging or photography. You can just see the difference!


Aurora High Dynamic Range allows you to edit your images beyond the typical dynamic range of luminosity possible with standard digital imaging. And you can even use the software alongside other applications such as Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom and Photos for Mac.

Learn How to Get:  Aurora Pro + Bonuses

Okay, so here’s something cool. You know how you may use the method of ‘bracketing’ as a way of ensuring that you’ve captured a good range of differently exposed shots. By taking a photograph of the same composition a few times, whilst varying your camera settings for each shot.

Read More About:  Aurora Pro Update

Now, use Aurora HDR to merge each shot… d’you get the picture? Without getting into the technical detail, it is easy to gather from the example image below, the range of colour you’ll now  have to play with…


Now, just before you head off and download your free trial copy of Aurora HDR, allow me to let you in on some very, very handy related resource. Starting with the tutorials available at Photoserge, there are tons of videos on related topics and software.

Start Aurora HDR

Mac requirements:

  • Processor Core 2 Duo from late 2009 or newer
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or newer
  • 2 GB free space on hard drive
  • Display resolution 1280 x 800 or higher
  • Retina displays supported

Other points of interest:


Start Aurora HDR

Affinity Designer – Graphic Design Software

Affinity Designer sneaks into the No1 Spot?

It has been a while now that freelancers and other individuals that work in the world of creating images and other visual material have been anticipating an affordable alternative to Adobe’s although excellent, but costly suite of graphic design and photography software.

For me at least, it looks like a true alternative has finally arrived!


Affinity – Imagined by designers, created for Mac.

I know I may have said this somewhere before, but once you have used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, you will find it very hard to accept any other software. Because of the relative ease of use, flexibility and intuitiveness, you will become spoilt, anything else will need to be special.

Over the years my interpretation of the term ‘ease of use’ has come to mean; ‘ease of use’ – relative to basic knowledge or experience with a specific product or tool.

Now, when you read the words “Imagined by designers, created for Mac.” you hope, or at least you expect that this offering from Serif, the company responsible for Affinity Designer to fit into your armoury of software, accommodating nuances and all, and all with minimal fuss.

And it does…

To begin with, the look and feel of the software has a familiar Mac ‘flavour’, or should I say…(take a look for yourself – you’ll know what I mean).

affinity screen

Unlike the previous Adobe alternative software I have tried out, Affinity Designer does not suffer that  ‘jittery’, temperamental experience found with the other design software contenders for the smaller budget. Of course I will need to take it through a more thorough trial –  perhaps to avoid any bias, explore how Affinity Designer naturally fits into a workflow and copes with daily demands over a period of time.

This will be for another post.

Now, in terms of vector graphic design software Affinity Designer works and feels, in a way familiar to most designers that use digital technology. But the thing I found about Affinity Designer is the way in which it so readily handles both vector and raster images.

“Straight Out The Box – It’s fast. Really fast”

In an ‘on-the-spot’ real live situation, I was able to use Affinity to perform various tasks with little fuss, and that is using it for the very first time. Of course there were a few hang ups working out where certain tools and features were placed – however, the resolve was always close at hand and easily found in the appropriate menu tab.

So, without burdening your decision with the pros, why not take this for a spin yourself. You can try it out for free and if it fits, its one-time purchase will not hurt your pockets.

Now I am going to let you in on something a little more ‘underground’, another software contender for the smaller budget. Although I haven’t taken it for spin myself, at least not as yet, the reviews and demonstration I have seen look very promising. Take a look here: Designer Software for the smaller budget.

Yosemite Upgrade Phobia

Still holding back from upgrading to Yosemite (OS 10.10.1)

The notifications for the latest Mac OS upgrade were becoming more and more  frequent, almost to the point of seeming ‘prowl-like’.  

So I finally decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and upgrade to Yosemite – whatever happens, happens – I’ll deal with it. And to think I was only just getting use to the current Mac Operating System.

So, how about you, do you often find yourself deliberating over operating system upgrades with trepidation ?

Worried about what will and won’t work once the upgraded software is installed? And how much will it costs to upgrade those third-party apps that no longer work?

For some people this could be a costly affair reaching 1000s of pounds – but not for most of us -hopefully. Amidst all of the changes I have to say I was looking forward to the iCloud Drive, ever since since the end of the iDisk days.

Why ‘Yosemite’ – how does that name fit in ?

Okay – okay, so you are probably wondering what happened to the ‘cats’. You see, as if you didn’t already know, the previous Apple Operating Systems (OS) were named after wild cats, there was; Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and now Yosamite. Ooops I almost forgot Mavericks…

Yosemite refers to the Yosemite Valley located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains; the Yosemite National Park. Now when I first cuaught wind of the name I immediately pictured Yosamite same the Disney Character.  Anyway…at first glance there are some noticeable differences:

Spotlight surprisingly appears as a small pop up window in the middle of your screen, at the same time providing additional search suggestions relevant to you based on your location. Spotlight now shows suggestions from the Internet, iTunes, App Store and more… “ hey, this is in fact pretty cool!”

The general look and feel is clean, fresh and agreeable – Using Pages and even iCal presents a new look and feel worth experiencing. All in all a seamless integration to date…

No iCloud Drive on Your Desktop ?

 iclouddrive fro finder sidebar

No sign of the anticipated iCloud Drive icon on your desktop – but wait !  From the Finder Sidebar there is a folder or drive that you can access just as with any other folder or external hard drive connected to your mac . Simply open any window and select fro the side bar for iCloud access.

Maybe there are, or will be options to access iCloud Drive directly from your desktop – then again is it really necessary ?

All the same here is a nifty method for creating your own iCloud Desktop app using Automator.

iCloud Drive DIY

Step 1:

Launch Automator

 automator icon

Launch Automator and below where is says;
Choose a type for your document:
Choose Application.

slect application

Step 2:

Now choose Files and Folders from the Library in the far left sidebar
and then double-click Get Specified Finder Items in the corresponding side bar.
The Get Specified Finder Items box should appear.


Click Add (as above)…

A window will appear, now  select your iCloud Drive from
the sidebar and click the Add button.


Step 3:

Now double-click Open Finder Items (see illustration above).
The Open Finder Items box will appear below the Get Specified Finder Items.

 Leave the Open with: option  set at Default Application (see illustration above) before moving on.

Step 4:



Now, select the Run button at the top of the window and the iCloud Drive Folder should open in your Finder.
(If a dialogue box prompts you to move the Open Finder Items – you should ignore this for now).

Now save the Automator application as  iCloud Desktop.app on you Desktop – done!


You can change the icon with one one of these: icons, or create one of your own.



Double Click the Icon on your desktop and your iCloud Folder should
open just like any drive or folder on your desktop.

MUST READ: Take Control Of  Yosemite

Mac Software Faves

Favourite Mac Software Essentials for Getting Things Done…



If you are a new owner of a Apple Mac computer, your portable or desktop computer probably came bundled with essential Apple software. Applications which constitute the basic tools you will need to get most things done. From making crisp quality videos and music, to impressive graphics and publishing.
So, what are the tools you should be looking out for ?
Although there are third-party alternatives to the software that came with the purchase of your Mac computer. The following is an overview of the 5 essential tools for getting mostly anything you want done on a mac.
The list is divided into two sections and includes both software that usually comes with your mac plus other dedicated third-party  software.



create your product with these:


Pages is the Word equivalent for Mac. Create professional text based documents and publication with ease and the convenience of integrating with other mac software.

eBOOK: Buy Take Control of Pages


Keynote is the PowerPoint equivalent for Mac. Create professional slideshows and presentations with ease and the convenience of integrating with other mac software.

Although the serious musician may find Garageband a little gimmicky, there is no doubt however that besides it fun and ease of use, you can crank  quite a few slamming tunes out of GarageBand – And why not add a midi guitar whilst you’re at it.


With Apples basic video software iMovie, you will need very little experience where it comes to editing video and producing professional looking movies. Plus of course the convenience of integration with other Mac software. Want to step up the pace and produce video like you see on TV then definitely go pro with FINAL CUT PRO.


access images, audio and video with these:

If used appropriately and alongside the likes of Pages and Keynote, the previously mentioned software, you can truly experience the convenience of having access to your orderly arranged images using iPhoto as a utility software. Similarly, working with audio or video, you can use iTunes to access video clips and audio files.

iTunes is the Apple answer to managing all your digital entertainment. From your music downloads, videos and audiobooks, podcasts, iTunes U and more…

 Third Party


Although Apple provides a relatively decent suit of software that will allow you to get most things done. Making crisp videos, music, basic graphics and publishing on a Mac can be further enhanced with third-party software.


Kindle Publishing Pro
Now, whilst Apple does have its own book publishing software, namely iBook, a great number of individuals actually find the wider Amazon Kindle market more appealing in terms of generating income. This is where KD Publishing Pro comes into play with its ease of use and integration with your Amazon Kindle account.

If you like the idea of designing websites, but without the need for programming skills, then Freeway Pro is a must. If you are familiar with using graphic design software you will certainly feel at home using Freeway Pro.

#. WordPress with BitNami for WordPress

BitNami Stack for WordPress is an excellent solution for developing WordPress sites locally. See Getting Started Basic Usage.

Learn something new

Get 10 days of free unlimited access to lynda.com.



Photoshop Masterclass

Product Review

One of the biggest boosts in sales for me personally came after I started managing my own graphics in house. This was only possible with fast class lessons from my graphics expert who taught me the essentials & a few useful tricks. While I still send bulk jobs to outsourcers, nowadays I do many graphics jobs myself as it’s quicker for me to make a graphic than to email an outsourcer – Matt Garrett

Check out Photoshop Masterclass