Luminar Photo Editing

In Two Words…Simplicity & Creativity.

What is Luminar? And How it Will Enhance Your Photo Editing Process?


With Luminar’s simplicity, and your creativity. This universal, meaning yes – you can use it with photoshop, photo editing app is designed to meet your every need as a photographer and photo-image editor.

Unlike most other photo editing software, Luminar’s genuine ease-of-use makes it look bound for becoming  the number one image editor software, applicable to almost anyone with the desire of creating beautiful imagery. There is no  need for any special training in order for users to achieve great looking results. So imagine what you can do with just some basic tips and insights.

Which Photo Editor Is Best For Me


Enhance and change the appearance of your photos using custom filters with precise and easy to use controls, from classic Tone and Exposure, to Bi-Color, Photo Filter Emulation, Cross-Processing and more. In fact, Luminar will allow you to achieve some of the more complex photo editing tasks only adequately possible in the likes of… yes you said it – Adobe Photoshop.

You Will Like The Idea of Personalised Darkroom Workspaces

Amongst the many features you’ll find, Workspaces provide a near to perfect environment of logically grouped tool ‘sets’ suitable for your specific type of project. You can even share and import Workspaces by other photographers.

Now, whilst the default Workspaces include; Portrait, Black & White, Landscape and Street, you always have the capability of adding different filters or creating new ones. This will allow you to customise Workspaces to fit exactly what you need for each different project.

Not Just RAW Support!

Finally, but not the last, besides the support of RAW file formats, Luminar also provides:

– Layers and Custom Textures
– Gradient and Radial Masks 
– Pixel-perfect Noise Reduction 
– A Healing tool
– Crop & Transform
– History Panel
– Brushes and Masking 
– Automatic Luminosity
– Selective Top & Bottom adjustments
– Plug-in support and so much more….

The Super Good News…

By the time you have read this post, Luminar will be either fully-available or, if you are lucky, still be in pre-launch phase. In which case, if you already  own a Macphun app for Mac, you’ll  only pay $49 (+ receive exclusive bonuses). New users (i.e those that do not own a Macphun product) the price is an incredibly compelling…only $59.


Which Photo Editor Is Best For Me

Which Photo Editor Is Best For Me

Which Photo Editor Is Best For Me

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