If you are already familiar with the company – Assimilate, then you will also know that they are responsible for providing high-end digital post-production tools for finishing television shows and professional corporate video production.




A comprehensive solution for the independent film-maker

SCRATCH runs on both Windows and Mac OS®and can also be used seamlessly with your existing Final Cut Pro or Avid editorial system. The whole idea behind SCRATCHis that you adopt it as your one and only tool – your entire post-production workflow conveniently in one place.




SCRATCH® is a complete post-production or should I say digital workflow, you see, it actually consists of a number of components that makes, editing, viewing, presenting and finishing high-end video all within reach. In fact it has been described as the “…the post house in a box”.

At time of writing, you can download a generous free 90 day trial of both SCRATCH® and SCRATCH Lab®, or in the meanwhile, in order to get a feeling of what it is like working in the SCRATCH® environment, you could tinker with the completely free copy of the SCRATCH media player, which aims at resolving media file and platform incompatibilities.

Construct view


Once launched, you are presented with the Construct View (hey, thats what I would call it!), where you can start loading all types of video clips. At this point using the SCRATCH Media Player is fairly intuitive, and may even be used for basic editing.

Remember this is high end, so $150 is affordable – right ?

Okay its time to stop salivating and remember what type of project and user SCRATCH is intended for. So unless you are the serious independent filmmaker or producer and have the type of projects that warrant such expenditure you might just find the $5000 a year price tag affordable.


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